COMPANYHENGCHANG QUILTING MACHINES FACTORY specializes in manufacturing High-speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine, Quilting Machines, Mattress Machine, Panel Cutter, Bobbin winder.
Our quilting machines combine America's advanced technology with our own designs to produce generation of new machines. Thus, our products are highly competitive in terms of quality, reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness and easy operation. Our demand for quality has achieved us a great reputation around the world.

We have a large customer base, including customers from China, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, and other places. We are grateful to our customers for their support and loyalty. In return, we continue to work hard to supply high-quality machines with professional management and post-sale services to our customers.
HengChang continues to work with input from customers so as to continue to make a better machine for the future. HengChang‘s focus is to improve customer demands by providing the best quality machines ...... MORE

  • Newest High speed computerized multi-function Chain Stitch quilting machineHC3500Quilting Machine
  • HC3200HC3200 (NEW)Quilting Machine
  • HC3000HC3000Quilting Machine
  • HC2500HC2500Quilting Machine
  • hc-s-3000HC-S-3000Single needle Quilter
  • HC-D3000HC-D3000 (NEW)Quilting Machine
  • HC-QG-EHC-QG-EPanel cutting Machine
  • HC 94\98\118\128HC94/98/118/128Quilt Machinery
  • HC-S-2000HC-S-2000Single Needle Quilting Machine
  • HC-64-94HC-64-94Mattress Machinery
  • hc-qg-c Panel Cutting MachineHC-QG-CPanel Cutting Machine
  • Quilt patternQuilt patternsQuilt Patterns