HC-S-2000 Single needle quilting machine

single needle quilting machine


1. Advanced qualified lock stitch sewing head, rotating speed can be up to 2000RPM.
2. Diagnostic testing for thread broken and pattern compensation.
3. Adjustable presser plate in different thickness.
4. Memories restart all patterns after stop quilting.
5. 360° T&J and simple pattern, more than 200 patterns.
6. Capable pattern-designing software can adopt various quilting file and quilting system.
7. Daily output counter and total output counter.
8. Needle arrangement and pattern showing.
9. Automatic needle lift, pneumatic thread cutting and thread break detector.
10. Pattern compensation and correction.
11. Servo driver motor operations.
12. Automatic material feeding and cutting device.

Technical Specification:
 Quilt width  ≤2400mm
 Quilting thickness  ≤80mm
 Needle size  DP ×17 21#/22#/23#
 Stitch  (2-6)mm
 Rotation speed of needle  2000RPM
 Production speed  (40-120)m/h
 Power  8.8 KW
 Voltage  3-phase,220V 60Hz
 Gross Weight  4500 Kg
 Size (L x W x H)  10000 × 4500 × 1600mm

Feature Icon:

quilt pattern pattern in pattern quilt pattern quilt pattern
quilt pattern quilt pattern quilt pattern quilting machine pattern


Mattress panel, mattress pads, bedspreads, comforters, bedding, upholstery, and etc.